We offer a variety of packages to help you on your genealogy and heritage research journey. Read below to see if a package is best for you.

Holton Heritage Services - Package 1 Package #1

Full service research option

Not enough time, patience or experience to do it yourself? We will do it for you.

  • Examine what you know
  • Determine research goals
  • Conduct research and examine records
  • Produce analysis of findings
  • Provide recommendations about what steps should or could be taken next

$500 for a ten-hour research package.

Holton Heritage Services - Package 2 Package #2

Getting started in family history

Intrigued? Curious but not sure where or how to start? We can get you started on the exciting road to producing your own family history. Topics covered include:

  • Gathering family information at home
  • Obtaining important information from family members
  • Interviewing family members
  • Paper, computer or digital recording
  • Organizing information you gather
  • Analyzing what you have found
  • Using, and other available database resources

$300 for materials and two hours of personal instruction by phone, Facetime or other means.

Holton Heritage Services - Package 3 Package #3

Consumer DNA testing

DNA testing is no longer the mysterious tool of doctors and scientists only. There are multiple options for your DNA testing, and each is quite different from the rest. DNA can be a confusing subject. We can:

  • Clear, concise written and verbal explaination or assistance in understanding reported results
  • Guide you in understanding what you can do with the results


Holton Heritage Services - Package 4 Package #4

Consultation and Recommendations

Are you stuck somewhere in your own research? We can help.

  • Examine what you already know about one person
  • Provide a report revealing next steps you can take researching that person
  • Recommendations will deal with census, birth, marriage, military and death record availability
  • We will provide “where to write” information and forms.


We can create:

Family History Creatives – We can weave your family ancestor facts into historical context in ways that seamlessly blend fact and fiction. This produces compelling results that really bring your ancestors to life for you and your family. For example, did you ever imagine what a day in the life of your Revolutionary War ancestor was like? Did you ever wonder what a day was like for your great-great-great grandmother in World War I? For your Irish or Polish ancestors? This is a very popular and unique service.

Family History Books – an impactful way to save and present your unique family history to others in your family, and future generations.

Family Tree Charts – these can be decorative and are great for helping people visualize family relationships and connections.

Photo Books – share old family photos, remember a family reunion, a special parent or grandparent, a deceased family member … all with your photos in a professional layout with written commentary and captioning.

Family Cookbook – a fun way to pass along treasured family recipes so they don’t get lost. Include information about the relatives who created them or passed them along, with the option of including photos and anecdotes.

Family Calendars – never forget important birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and events. Smart phones are great but you cannot keep them forever or hang them on the wall!




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